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The 45th Conference on Dental Science and Technology

hoi nghi khoa hoc ky thuat rang ham mat lan thu 45

Dental science and technology conference commonly known as “April conference“, has quickly become one of the most anticipated leading events in the dental industry. This is not only a professional conference, but also a powerful forum, attracting widespread attention from the dental community. This event has become an indispensable part of tradition at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, where leading experts in the industry gather to share knowledge and experience, thereby contributing to improving the quality of training and research in the field of dentistry.

Within the framework of the annual dental conference, attending Doctors will experience extensive professional sharing sessions, covering a variety of topics from dentistry, orthodonticdental restoration, to oral and maxillofacial health care. The content of the conference is always updated and refreshed every year, reflecting the continuous development of the industry and meeting the continuous learning needs of attendees.

Research on Science and TechnologyResearch on Science and Technology
2023 Dental Science and Technology Conference

The conference is also an ideal destination for connecting dentists from all over the country with guests who are leading experts from Vietnam and internationally in the field of Dentistry. Here, everyone works together towards a common goal: to learn, exchange and share experiences, and update the latest knowledge in professional practice. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of care and protect oral health for the community.

More than that, The 45th Conference on Dental Science and Technology also marks the important presence of many leading manufacturing and distribution units in the field of high quality dental products, dental equipment and supplies. This event also includes diverse product displays and introductions through booths, providing a unique experience space for attendees throughout the conference.

The conference's program content is a combination of high-quality dental seminars and a series of valuable reports from prestigious professors and clinicians from around the world. This year's conference promises to bring not only useful knowledge but also interesting experiences and memorable surprises for all participants.

In addition to activities to share knowledge and professional experience, The 45th Conference on Dental Science and Technology also acts as a special bridge between companies manufacturing and distributing specialized dental equipment and materials and doctors, through Dental and Maxillofacial exhibitions. This not only creates a space to showcase cutting-edge technology but also opens up e-commerce opportunities in this sector.

At the conference, Doctors also have the opportunity to access and choose raw materials and supplies Dental instruments from many famous brands such as 3M, Orthodontics, MorelliAlong with that are attractive promotions and after-sales services. This isn't just an opportunity to update and upgrade the site dental equipment but also a great opportunity for doctors to optimize procurement costs

This year's conference focuses on the theme “Innovations and solutions in dentistry: Evidence-Based Approaches (Innovation & Solutions in Dentistry: Evidence – Based Approaches)“. Notably, the pre-conference program will mention “Dental Practice in the Context of General Health: Contemporary Approaches“.

The conference is held from April 2 to April 4, 2023 at The ADORA Center, 431 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, City. HCM. With a large exhibition space, each exhibition stand has an area of ​​3m x 3m, equipped with a 5-star standard air conditioning system, promising to bring a professional and classy experience to attendees. The number of booths is up to 250, creating opportunities for participating units to display and introduce products and services to a large number of visitors and industry experts.

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