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International Dental and Maxillofacial Scientific Conference and Exhibition 2023

hoi nghi khoa hoc va trien lam rang ham mat quoc te 2023

On the morning of August 17, 2023, Hanoi witnessed an important event in the field of medicine – International Dental and Maxillofacial Science Conference and Exhibition 2023 (VIDEC 2023). This event gathered the participation of many distinguished guests and leading experts in the industry, including Tran Tuan Anh, Member of the Politburo, Head of the Central Economic Commission; Dao Hong Lan, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Health; Nguyen Thi Xuyen, President of the Vietnam Medical Association, along with representatives from Departments, Bureaus, Offices and units under and under the Ministry of Health. The conference also attracted the attention of domestic and international delegates, highlighting the importance of this event to the medical community.

Scientific Research and Research on International Interests Te Videc 2023Scientific Research and Research on International Interests Te Videc 2023
International Dental and Maxillofacial Scientific Conference and Exhibition – Videc 2023

In the opening speech International Dentistry Conference 2023Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan emphasized the importance of implementing the Party and State's policies in protecting, caring for and improving people's health. According to her, the country's strong development has created conditions for the health sector to constantly innovate, not only in professional aspects but also in actively applying information technology and artificial intelligence. The Minister emphasized that updating new knowledge and applying advances in the medical field will contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of health care for the people.

In her speech, Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan clearly mentioned the guidance that the Ministry of Health has implemented to enhance the use of advanced scientific and technological achievements in medical examination activities. and treatment. She emphasized the need to apply advances in modern medical science and technology in the fields of treatment and prevention, including the field of maxillofacial surgery. The goal of this, according to the Minister, is to improve the quality of medical services, while helping Vietnamese people access the latest medical techniques in the world.

In recent years, the dental and maxillofacial profession has achieved many significant achievements, reflecting continuous efforts to implement development policies of the health sector. Experts in this field have constantly updated and applied new, advanced techniques, especially in specialized fields. At the same time, the application of digital technology in oral health management has also been widely deployed, including the application of digital dentistry in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. These efforts have made an important contribution to improving people's oral health.

The dental and maxillofacial industry in Vietnam today has witnessed outstanding development with the application of many high and specialized techniques, along with the use of new materials and advanced 3D technology, equivalent to other countries in the world. region and around the world. This advancement not only helps domestic treatment facilities keep patients from having to go abroad for treatment, but also attracts the attention of the overseas Vietnamese community and foreigners. They come to Vietnam not only to examine and treat dental and facial diseases but also contribute to bringing valuable foreign currency to the country.

In addition to developing specialized treatment techniques, the Vietnamese health sector also pays special attention to dental disease prevention programs, especially for children and the community. An important step forward in this field is Decision No. 5628/QD-BYT dated December 9, 2021, on approving the project to improve the capacity to examine and treat oral and maxillofacial diseases and prevent oral diseases in community in the period 2021-2030. This program has been widely implemented across the country and has brought positive results, not only in terms of health but also contributing to economic and social benefits.

Prophet 2023Prophet 2023
International Oral and Maxillofacial Conference – Videc 2023

Representing the Ministry of Health, Minister Dao Hong Lan recognized and praised the tireless efforts as well as the proud achievements that the Vietnamese dental and maxillofacial industry has recently achieved. She expressed her appreciation to the Vietnamese dental and maxillofacial industry for building good and effective relationships with the World Dental Federation, the Asia Pacific Dental Federation and the international dental industry. This cooperation has expanded opportunities to share and introduce the latest scientific advances from the world, thereby applying them to oral health care in Vietnam, according to Minister Dao Hong Lan. .

Meanwhile, Director of Hanoi Central Dental Hospital, Mr. Tran Cao Binh, shared that International Dental and Maxillofacial Science Conference and Exhibition 2023Taking place from August 17 to 19, 2023, is the largest and most prestigious annual event ever of the Vietnamese dental and maxillofacial industry. The conference brings together more than 120 leading experts from home and abroad, is a forum to discuss current issues, exchange new techniques and introduce materials, dental equipment the most advanced. This event is organized by the Vietnam Dental Association, Hanoi Central Dental Hospital and Ho Chi Minh City Central Dental Hospital, with scientific support from the International Dental Federation. FDI.

During the 3 days of the event, International Dental and Maxillofacial Science Conference and Exhibition 2023 witnessed the participation of 114 scientific reports from more than 23 countries and territories. This is an important forum for representatives from 11 international and regional dental associations to discuss the topic “Development and use of human resources” in the dental industry. The conference also includes special side events such as signing cooperation agreements with dental associations from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

This year's conference attracted the participation of more than 3,000 domestic and international delegates, demonstrating great interest from the medical community. In addition to scientific seminars, the International Dental and Maxillofacial Exhibition taking place at the same time is also a notable event with nearly 400 booths displaying equipment and tools. dental materials The most modern from all over the world.

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