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Dental Science Conference and Exhibition

hoi nghi khoa hoc va trien lam nha khoa vnu dec 2023

In the first event organized by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Hanoi National University, the Scientific Conference and Dental Exhibition with the theme “Dental Connection” gathered the participation of more than 2,000 people. delegate. Notably, this event attracted not only experts from within the country but also many leading dental experts from around the world, highlighting the importance and attraction of conference in the international medical community.

Vnu Decide on Science and Technology in Dentistry 2023Vnu Decide on Science and Technology in Dentistry 2023
Vnu Dec – Dental Science Conference and Exhibition 2023

Dental Science Conference and Exhibition – VNU DEC 2023

Professor, Dr. Le Ngoc Thanh, Rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, emphasized the importance of this Conference in providing discussions and updating new trends in the field of training and research. Dentistry – Maxillofacial – Facial science. He said that the Conference will serve as an important bridge, not only between the training process and the dental practice network, but also between dental practitioners and suppliers and manufacturers in the field. this area.

According to Mr. Thanh, the participation of delegates at the Conference will create conditions for the school to establish and expand links between domestic and foreign dental training facilities, as well as between theory and practice. onion. This not only improves the training process but also facilitates close cooperation between doctors and dental suppliers and manufacturers, thereby improving the quality of services and products in the dental industry. department.

Professor, Dr. Trinh Dinh Hai, Vice President of the Vietnam Medical Association and Head of the Department of Dentistry – Maxillofacial – Facial Medicine, shared detailed information about the VNU DEC 2023 event, one of the important dental conferences. The most important and largest, scheduled to take place within three days, from December 14 to 16. According to Mr. Hai, this event will witness the participation of more than 40 scientific topics, presented by scientists. prestigious from Vietnam and many other countries around the world. These experts come from up to nine different countries, reflecting the diversity and richness of perspectives and expertise in the field of dentistry.

Topics Discussed at the Dental Science Conference and Exhibition – VNU DEC 2023

Within the framework of the conference, scientific topics will focus on many outstanding fields that are attracting great attention in the dental industry. Main topics include: Dental implants; periodontal bone and soft tissue regeneration; Teeth straightening methods and applications of artificial intelligence in this field; orthopedic surgery techniques; endodontic treatment; Oral and maxillofacial microsurgery; Cosmetic dentistry; and preventive methods in dentistry.

In addition, the conference also has an indispensable part of the dental exhibition, which displays more than 70 booths from the world's leading manufacturers. Here, attendees will have the opportunity to access and explore advanced and famous dental products, providing a comprehensive and in-depth look at technological advances in the modern dental industry.

Research and Practice in DentistryResearch and Practice in Dentistry
Dental Science Conference and Exhibition

Based on the results of a recent national oral health survey, it was found that more than 80% of the Vietnamese population suffers from dental problems, including tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis or a combination of both. two. These diseases are not only the leading cause of premature tooth loss but also seriously affect overall health. Notably, undetected foci of infection in the oral cavity can also become the source of serious systemic diseases such as glomerulonephritis, arthritis, endocarditis, etc.

Therefore, updating knowledge, skills and using advanced and modern means in the care, treatment and prevention of oral diseases is not only important but has also become urgent for the dental industry. This is especially important for training institutions, medical examination and treatment facilities and the entire dental community, in order to improve the quality of oral health care and prevent potentially serious consequences. .

VNU DEC 2023 Conference, with the participation of famous scientists from around the world along with the presence of leading suppliers in the dental industry, has affirmed its position as an event important in updating and developing modern knowledge and skills in the field of dentistry – maxillofacial – maxillofacial. The conference is not only a place to access the most advanced and modern dental treatment methods, but also a forum where close connections between training facilities, medical examination and treatment networks and the community take place. dental supply co.

This event not only contributes to improving the quality of medical examination and treatment and training in the dental field, but also plays an important role in promoting the development of this industry. This aims to meet the increasing need for oral health care and protection of the people, thereby affirming the position and importance of dentistry in protecting and improving public health. copper.

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